Dr. Hannah Shen

After graduation from Beijing United University Traditional Chinese Medicine & Pharmacology College in 1983, Dr. Hannah Shen studied both Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine to earn a Bachelor of Medicine degree and practiced both Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine at Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a resident physician. Through the years she has continued to expand her knowledge base.

Practice Background

  • Practice since 1983
  • Private clinics in Japan and Canada
  • Beijing Hospital of TCM*
  • Experience in medical research and training interns.
  • Treatises published in medical journals.
  • Instructor at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. Instructor of Diagnosis in TCM*, Herbology, Auricular Medicine.
  • Instructor of TCM* program at Langara College
  • Herbal consultant. Consultant to TCM* practitioners across Canada
  • A Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Study in Tzu Chi Institute with the University of British Columbia
  • Consultant on legislature and governance of TCM*.
  • A Member of the council of Canadian Integrative Cancer Therapies Association
  • A Registered Acupuncturist and a Doctor of TCM*.


  • Advanced Studies in acupuncture
  • Advanced Studies in Qi Gong
  • Acupuncture Detoxification
  • Studies in Koryo Hand Therapy
  • Studies in Auricular Medicine
  • Tung’s Acupuncture Points & Advanced Acupuncture Theories
  • Advanced TCM* Ophthalmology
  • Fang’s Micro-system Acupuncture
  • Constitutional Facial Acupuncture RenewalTM
  • Cosmetic acupuncture
  • Advanced studies in Infertility and Postpartum Diseases
  • Traditional pulse diagnosis


Office: (604) 948-4813


#226-1077 56th Street 

Tsawwassen Professional Building


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